We specialize in the distribution of diamonds from 0,003ct to 2cts. With our very strict and consistent assortments, we can guarantee our clients a consistent supply of goods which match their needs every single time. Majority of our distribution is in round diamonds. But we do carry Princess (Square) and Marquise. Upon demand we can supply other fancy shapes. We mainly supply white goods across various purities. We carry goods from IF (Internally Flawless) to PK3 (Pique Goods). Please see 4C’s, for more information.

We carry 2 types of cuts (known as make):

  • Top Chinese – Extremely High Quality
  • Top India – Very High Quality

We carry a very large inventory of certified goods. The certificate we provide is GIA (Gemological Institute of America, We started to provide certificates from 0,30cts up depending on the quality you choose. For GIA certified products, we provide prices upon request.

Quality Assurance

With synthetic diamonds being more of a threat day by day, we at Pravara believe Quality Assurance is the most important aspect of our business and is one of our founding principles. As a result we have developed an extremely strict quality assurance policy. Consequently, every diamond is tested before it enters our office. This way we can guarantee our customers that our product is 100% natural.

As technologies evolve we actively follow new developments and tools available to ensure we are up to date with the latest technologies to monitor synthetics.

The tools we use today are:

  • M – Screen. This service is provided by the bourse in Antwerp as well as the AWDC.
  • D-Secure