Why us?

Our core business is in 0,003ct to 2cts. With our very strict and consistent assortments, we can guarantee our clients a consistent supply of goods which match their needs every single time.

Please see Our Products, for more information.

With the threat of synthetic diamonds increasing day by day, we use the latest technologies available in conjunction with the strictest measures to ensure only natural diamonds enter our office to ensure our customers that they are getting exactly what they paid for.

Please see Quality Assurance, for more information.

We believe our dedicated service to all our clients is what sets us apart. We cater to each and every one of our clients’ needs irrespective of the amount. Hence, we are available 24/7 by email or phone.

So in a nutshell, we provide:

  • A quality product at competitive prices
  • Consistent Supply
  • Consistent Assortment
  • Strict Quality control
  • Diverse Range of Inventory to meet all demands (including GIA Certificates)
  • Dedicated 24/7 Service